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Name:Torchwood Classic
Location:outside of time and space
Website:Mirror comm on Dreamwidth
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Community description:Torchwood Classic.

Torchwood Classic - a community for all things series one and two of Torchwood.


So here it is: tw_classic 

What the comm IS NOT:

A place to soapbox about the direction of the show post series 2.
A place to be rude about the show's creator or any of the actors/actresses.
A place to campaign about getting certain characters back on the show.
A place to bash characters.
A place to be rude about other fans who see the show differently from you.

What the comm IS:

A place to post for the fans of the original two series to post, art, fic and meta relating series one and two, and pre series Torchwood, discuss, chat and otherwise be fans of Cardiff, Rift, and team based show shown in the first two series.

What is classed as Classic Torchwood?
For the purpose of this community it Classic Torchwood is defined as anything pre Torchwood series one, series one, series two and the web content for them from the BBC, the tie in novels that are set pre series 3, audio books, and radio plays (with the exception of House of the Dead), canon Torchwood Doctor Who Stolen Earth/Journey's End, and reference books like The Torchwood Archives. Basically anything Torchwood that is set before series three or is set in a future where series 3 didn't happen.

By majority decision, it was decided to allow Rhiannon Evans and family, as they are in the book 'The Torchwood Archives' to be included as characters welcome at this comm. (The surname was changed to Davis in series 3 and as such that version of Rhiannon and family isn't within the remit of this comm.)

Fan fic guidelines:

We are slash, femmeslash, het and gen friendly.
All genres, pairings, age ratings, and themes are welcome.
Crossovers with any other fandom are all okay too.
Fics set after series 2 are okay provided that they don't include mention later series of the show.

Please lj cut your fic. How to is here

When posting fic please use some form of header, at a minimum please include
* Title of fic.
* Age rating of fic.
* Any neccesary warnings (squick or trigger subject matter - het, slash or gen are not things that need to be warned for, and should not rated higher than a het fic with the same content.)
If you wish to use highlightable warnings the html is

Summaries are a plus - people are much more likely to read something if they know what it's about.

Icon and art guidelines:

Please lj-cut large icon posts.
No more than 3 icons or art which is about the side of 3 icon outside of an lj cut.
Please put nc-17 icon/art behind a cut.

Meta, discussion, questions guidelines:

If it's longer than 250 words please put it behind a cut.
If it's squicky or triggering please put it behind a cut.

If you have any questions, anything that you think that I haven't covered PM me and I'll try to find an answer to what you want to know.



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