Feb. 2nd, 2013

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This has just hit Twitter in the last couple of minutes while me and my fellow Wales [rugby] fans are expressing ourselves and our views of England/BBC coverage/Twickenham rather vicariously and profusely. [Standard match day].


A humourous message from GDL [I've not seen him do anything like this before] with an apology for a non-appearance. Ok it is Wales Comic Con and Gareth has always given them a lot of support, but this direct to camera is new for him as far as I know. [?]

So great for us, a Gareth wrapped treat, but... the band [Blue Gillespie] have announced their 'pause', now this? Gareth's haircut?? Very neat for our 'casual is my middle name' boy? Something's afoot I think.

Of course Gareth could have decided to throw it all over for a job in a shop, or a farm, or the on Brecon Beacons National Park... It's possible, but we know it's NOT VERY LIKELY!!
 Anyone know any more, heard any rumours? 

Gareth is a genuinely funny bloke - look out for a very funny touch towards the end of vid :) 

P.S. Posting here as there is usually some response to these extra fun things. Sorry if it's the wrong place, just seems nice to have something to talk about that's not all our [beloved] JB. 

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